It Is Starting Out To Be One Of Those Days!

I usually get up early, start the coffee pot to perking so the coffee will get done (usually by the time I’m through with my morning pee), and turn the News on to see what’s happening around our area.


I can’t do it anymore. I’m finally sick and tired of what people complain about (some really stupid shit) and what “they” consider News. Especially when an Anchor says something like “It Could Have Been Worse” or “It Would Have Been Worse.”

So, lately, I’ve been hanging on until the Weather report, then turning it off cause I just can’t stand anymore bitching. Mostly I think I can’t stand the People of America anymore. I Love America; can’t stand the whiney, pansy-assed people they’ve become. What a bunch of fuckin’ wimps!


But, don’t get me started.

Could be Winter setting in too. Not as much time outside does mean more time in front of the “boob tube” than I usually have. Well, not necessarily more time in front of the TV. but a lot more sitting around than I’m used to. I need to get my Winter Projects sorted out, planned out, and started. Quit being so damned lazy.

Made a run to Walmart in Port Orchard for a new mouse. Dropped the Netflix off at the Post Office but, naturally, forgot to take Tremors 5 to drop off at Safeway on the way back. Now I get to make another trip into town. Good thing I have a truck and not a horse!


Also picked up “Chronicles of Riddick” on Blu-Ray for $5. And the first season of JAG for $8. Not bad. New mouse is installed and working just fine; so that might be $14 well spent bucks. (Gonna take some getting used to though. Moves fast!) Really didn’t want a wireless mouse, but that was all they had.

So, made the run back to Safeway to drop off the movie. On the way back I came up to the 4-way stop and stopped. Idiot came up on the left to the left turn lane, barely paused, then headed into his turn just as I started across. And he had the balls to give me a dirty look! Idiot.

Just looking through my photo’s on Flickr. Every time I see my lovely bride of almost 30 years I break out in a smile. She still does that too me even after so long!


And that’s pretty much it again. And again. SWMBO is home safe and sound. I need to put the bed back together before I can go lay down. (Long story.)


It Be Raining Like Crazy Out There!

megan2Which has it’s good, and bad, points. We really need the rain right now. But, it’s raining. Dark enough (at Noon) for me to turn on my main light in my room. Finally got cool enough to turn the heat on. Seems that maybe Winter has finally started to arrive here for the year. Suxs!

Really hasn’t been much going on here. Been down in the basement the past couple of days putting the old cabinets up and getting the doors on them. Kind of straightening up. Trying to get all the things off the floors so I can work on them.

Have a butt-ton of old electronic/computer stuff that I need to get rid of. Might just throw everything in a big box and take it to the next Club meeting and let the guys shift through for anything they might be able to use. I’ll probably never use some of that stuff again. Only other thing is to find a recycle place that’ll take it.

Speaking of the Club: MCARC meeting went well this morning. The members present all voted to get a new Repeater! Damn Cool! Ours is so fooked up right now. It went into a transmit loop today. Some of the parts get so overheated that the techs turned the output power down. Which means our signal isn’t getting out as far. (I can barely hold contact from my house now.) All in all it should have been replaced years ago. (Now I get to inform the two guys that like working on the damned thing that it’s going to be replaced and ask them for help with the new one. Oh, Joy.)


And the research of which new Repeater to get will go on for a couple of months now. Then the decision on which to get. Then actually getting it delivered, installed, and set up. Probably sometime late next summer it’ll be up and running. And, even voting to get a new one will piss our Tech Guys off so who knows where that’ll lead.

Pretty “normal” Saturday around here now. Waiting on SWMBO to get home to take us out to dinner someplace. Kind of feel like walking the Mall so we’ll probably eat at Arby’s since she likes them and we’ll be in that neighborhood.

Heard several reports of downed trees and power lines around the area so far. Periods of heavy rain with gusts of wind. Damn, we could be having our first storm of the Winter.


So we went to Silverdale and checked out a new restaurant. Way too loud for the Old in us! Walked half the Mall and went to Red Robin for a burger. They have good burgers.

Walked the other half of the Mall after dinner (where I bought myself a small TARDIS for my window sill), made our usual stop at Safeway (where I found (and rented) TREMORS 5!!!), and now we be home.


Thoughts On Water

So, if all the water on Earth has been around since the Earth was formed (or shortly thereafter, geologically speaking), (and I may have drank water that the dinosaurs drank) I’m wondering: When we combine hydrogen & water in the correct proportions and make new water, will it last damned near forever like the water we already have? Are we adding to the total body of water that exists on Earth with every drop from a tailpipe of those fuel cell cars running around now?


And, if we are, how long before this causes massive flooding of the Earth’s surface? Are we causing our own demise through drowning by trying to “save the Earth?” Maybe we ought to outright ban all the fuel cell’s just in case?

I’m such a crack-up!


It’s still early so not a lot going on and I don’t really have much planned for today except to finish Chapter 4 in the Extra Class manual (I’m so fuckin’ lost!) before Class tonight.  Netflix should be in also. The Usual Chores. And that’s really about it.

Exciting, I know!


Moved the “Big Room” (contents!) around so I can position the treadmill & cycle to face the big TV; so when I exercise I can watch a movie or something while walking or peddling my ass around the Big Room. (The cycle doesn’t really move though.) Then the Big TV started going “funny.” Picture is split into different colors. Probably time to get a new one.

Anyway, this is probably it for posting tonight. By the time I get home from the class I’m way past my bedtime and pretty tuckered. Old, you know. So I thought I’d get it done early. Way early, it turns out.