It Just Looks Cold Out There!

Clouded over and supposed to start sprinkling this afternoon. Maybe light snow flurries tonight. Maybe. It’s a balmy 43 degrees out there but feels cold enough. With how into feelings we all are these days maybe I ought to demand that cold weather be banned for not living up to my feelings. Screw Facts. It ought to be different because I feel it should be different.


Maybe I need a “safe weather space.” Like Bermuda. Sidney would work too. (Anywhere but western Washington really. I hate this State!)

Took the Dog to the foo-foo place in town for a flea bath, haircut, and nail trim. That’ll cost $50 (well spent!) and be good for a month or so. Unless he gets out in the mud or something. Now I need to stop by the bank for some bucks to get him back.


Went out and moved about half the cement blocks that I stacked too close to the “driveway” to a little further away from the “driveway.” Was making it “iffy” to pull into the garage. I can’t see as close as I’d like to the front of that bigger truck I’m driving now. It has a rear-view camera (for when you’re backing) but really needs a front-bumper-view camera so you can tell when you’re getting close to things.

Decided to go the easy route for dinner tonight. TV Dinner. Yep, Old Guy Lazy.

It’s 1820 and, so far, no snow. Sprinkling. Dark as hell. No snow. We had about 8 inches of snow here about 6 or 7 years ago; but only “light” snows since. I think about 2 inches max. Plenty of rain though!


Trying to see what Windows programs I can run under Wine, and, so far, several things have worked. PIM, Picasa 3, a DVD ripper that works on some of the discs I have, and other things. Cool! Can’t get Windows Live Writer to work though. Which is a bummer. That’s almost the only program I keep Windows around for anymore.

Ah well, it’s getting late. SWMBO is home and fed and cursing her laptop so I ought to check that out. She’s having problems keeping her $100 Bluetooth keyboard & mouse working. (Which really does suck.)


I’ve About Given Up Hope For America

California college newspaper creating 'safe space' for minority students – and everything was going okay until some White guy suggested they put up “Black’s Only” signs on the doors to those “safe” spaces. I have a hard time believing “Minorities” are so pussified these days. And that they are promoting Racial Segregation because of Words.  “Sticks and stones may break my bones. But names will never hurt me” went out the window this past year or so.


Downloaded and watched the latest Doctor Who today. Clara Oswald died. Bummer. Sorry to see her go but she did kind of die of her own cockiness. Or did she? She did split herself into many copies to go back in time to save The Doctor so one of those may still be around. Still, I will miss her.

Not much else going on around here. Way too cold for me to get out much even if the Sun is shining. Still pretty wet out there too. So I pretty much stay inside and “play” once I get my chores done.


We fed the Missionaries tonight. SWMBO cooked so it was good. Fried Chicken, Steamed Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, and all-rotten potato’s. I sent the left overs home with them cause they don’t get a lot of “home cooked” meals when not eating at someone’s house.

I seem kind of disjointed tonight. This is not an orderly blog entry. Maybe my mind, what little is left, is just not on it like it should be. Not that my entries are ever paragon’s of Journalistic Brilliance anyway; but, damn.


I know. I spent too much time on Tumblr today! Yeah, that’s gotta be the problem.

Supposed to snow Monday night through Tuesday morning. Sure. And Obama will become a gun-totin’, Hot Dog eating, anti-Muslim Redneck in cowboy boots.

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. They said I was scratchy and dropping out so I may need to dry my antenna out or something. Of course, I could transmit 10 minutes from now and be perfectly fine. Radio is strange that way.

But don’t get me started.


Yeah. I Be In Windows Right Now

Couldn’t get Ubuntu Studio to correctly recognize my video camera. Kept breaking the video files trying to copy them to the hard drive. Don’t have any idea why. So I rebooted into Windows 7 and it seems to be working like it’s supposed to. Go figure.


Went over to a New Ham’s house (in Shelton) early and looked through a lot of “stuff” he inherited from somebody. Lots of coax and connectors and stuff like that. Told him to keep everything “just in case.” Then we talked a bit about how to make a “shack” and put up antenna’s and just Ham stuff for awhile.

He’s got an old Streamline travel trailer I wouldn’t mind owning. Needs a lot of external work; but  it’s waterproof and not too shabby inside. Would make a nice “Field Day” portable shack!


SWMBO took me to the Chinese food place in East Bremerton. I don’t know why I get the all-you-can-eat then eat only one serving. Every time.

Then we spent way too much money at Fred Meyer’s. She got herself some new snow/boots thingies. I got new socks! (I buy a shit load of socks every couple of years and wear them until they start to fall apart. Time to go down and just buy another 10 pair of jeans too. That happens every 10 years or so.)

Made our usual stop at Safeway on the way home. I just ripped her new Susan Boyle cd and added it to her music drive. Watching “The Thing” sorta.


I’m really getting antsy to get those four 4-TB drives and get this new NAS up and running. Found myself looking around for any old drives I have to put in it just to play with the darned thing. Found plenty; but all old IDE and that won’t work. Ah well. Nothing like having a new toy and not being able to play with it.

See y’all tomorrow!