Pretty Normal Sunday Around Here

Did y’all expect any different? SWMBO and I were talking about this last night at dinner. Seems we both like (or fairly like) “boring” lives. We’ve had exciting and that’s not all it’s cracked up to be. We’ve also had busy. Sometimes too “busy” to really enjoy anything. That’s not all it’s cracked up to be either. But I do enjoy being able to pick and choose what I want to be busy at now that I’m Old, and Retired.


Pretty normal Sunday around here. Doing my “normal” chores. About half way through getting laundry done while SWMBO is off to Church. Keeping an eye on “Planet Earth” in the background. Got off my lazy old ass for a moment and installed that new LED light we got yesterday. Pantry is a lot brighter now.

Trying to figure out what to make for dinner. SWMBO is going to pick fried chicken and I’m purely sick of fried chicken right now. Had it a couple of times recently. Maybe I ought to preempt her and thaw out some burger (spaghetti?) or pork chops. Hmmm. Pork Chops, mashed potato’s, and veggies sound good. But I’ve had pork chops recently also. Think I’ll dig through the freezer and see what’s available.


So I made meatloaf, mashed potato’s, and steamed cauliflower for dinner. It was good! Then my lovely young bride of almost 30 years joined me to watch “The Bucket List.” Nice. Now I’m just sorta wasting time until the MCARC Sunday Evening 2-meter Chat Net.


Wow. net went longer than usual with less check-ins. But the check-ins we had were interesting.

And that’s pretty much it. Gotta get my “Sunday Night Get Ready For Monday” stuff done.


Dang! It’s Almost Warm Out There!

So, of course, the Dog and I had to make a tour of the back 40 this afternoon. Was pretty boring up until then; the “usual” Saturday was slowly unfolding. The walk cheered me up a bit. The almost warm weather cheered me up. Knowing my Schweetie was coming home from the Genealogy Library to take me to dinner cheered me up. Cool!


She got home about 1530 and we left pretty much right away. Red Lobster! We don’t do Red Lobster often. I had a plate that had lobster tails, some kind of shrimp, and Salmon. It was all good except the green beans. They were trying to be the “hoity toity” beans; half done and that little tough end hadn’t been pulled off. And they didn’t really taste that good either. But, otherwise, the meal was excellent.


Then we went to Home Depot and walked around awhile. Bought another LED ceiling light, like I put in my room, for the pantry. Made our usual stop at Safeway, and here we are. Home safe and sound.


Found an R-Pod 177 in Idaho for $15k that looks pretty interesting. Think I’ll talk with my Credit Union Monday and see what I can pre-qualify for. Then I need to contact my Uncle and get the exact dates of the Family Reunion this summer. Maybe we’ll get to make it this year!


Spent All Day Thinking It Was Thursday

Holy Crap I’m tired of it getting dark so damned early in the day. Hardly seems worth the effort to get up sometimes. I will be so glad when summer gets back to the Northern Latitudes! I’d kill for a couple of 80+ degree days right now.


Made a run to the Naval Hospital to refill my meds. I’m good for another 3 months now. Was a fairly nice ride even if it did rain most of the way there and back. Think I was just glad to get out of the house for awhile.

On our Day Trip to Portland

Not much else going on around here. Working on a laptop for a friend of SWMBO. Think the hard drive has crashed. Won’t boot the laptop and unrecognized by my computer when I hook it up. Wants to “initialize” if; and we don’t quite want that yet.


And that’s it. SWMBO is home safe. It’s getting late (for this old guy).