We Had Some Snow Today

Which ain’t news for some parts of the country. Kind of rare here though. And, of course, it was all mostly gone by afternoon. Still, was nice to have some anyway.

My Poor Antenna Wire!

Fr40SWMBO had to drive in to work (in Seattle) this morning cause they cancelled two ferries this morning. Sucks. And it cost her only $28 to park all day someplace! She let me know that she got there safe if not exactly on time.

Other than that, just not a whole heck of a lot going on around here. Been doing “things” around the house and finishing up the laundry. Getting rid of a lot of computer “stuff” that I’ll probably never use again. Outdated. Obsolete. The recycle place is gonna love me!

SWMBO got home safe and about 15 minutes earlier then usual. Too bad she left her office at 1630 and was on the road that whole time! It’s a bitch when then cancel a Ferry or two from Bremerton. She’s okay and in doing her homework. (I’m still sleeping with a COED!)

Damn Dolphin file manager locks up the computer every time I right click to do something. Sick of it. Have completely uninstalled, purged, rebooted, and reinstalled and it still does it. ???

And that’s about it. I’m gonna go lay down and read a bit.


Even These Old Eyes Noticed The Difference!

Yesterday was our usual Date Day. My Lovely-Young Bride took me to Sister’s Restaurant in Shelton for a chili burger. (I ordered the chili burger. She didn’t charge me a chiliburger to take me there.) Made our usual stop at Walmart for “stuff” on the way home.

btkw14aGot myself a cheapo Blu-Ray player ($36) and a couple more blu-ray movies. Nice. Gives a nice, sharp, picture even on this crappy tv/monitor I have. Watched “The Martian” and the picture was really really nice. Still don’t like changing discs though. But it’ll be nice when we get a new movie and want to watch it on the big tv we’re going to get.

Had to get an app (CLZ) for my phone & tablet that keeps track of what blu-ray movies I have so I can, maybe, stop buying duplicates. Which I’ve done. It works pretty good. Scans the barcode and pulls in a lot of information fast. I started with these folks (collectorz.com) about 10 years ago with their movie & book database’s when you had to manually enter all the info. Scanning is so much easier!

FemJoy-01-12I’m a database freak anyway. Not entering the information; but designing how the data is accessed, processed, and presented. Really liked working in dBase III a long time ago. Need to get off my ass and really learn mysql and the sql language. Could be fun!

So my Schweetie and I sat and watched “Independence Day Resurgence.” Enjoyed it, actually. Especially sitting next to SWMBO. Nice that they managed to put all the “old” actors in it in semi-important parts instead of just cameo’s.

And, that’s it. Going to, well, let’s just say that I’m gonna be busy for awhile.


Did Someone Say Doriselectivenetitis?

shwr05Yesterday was my pretty much usual Thursday, until around 1630. I had to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing and zoom her (via Mickey D’s) to her class on Mullinex. Dropped her off and went to walk around Freddy’s to look through their electronics dept. Not impressed. Then off to Walmart where I spent $50 on Blu Ray’s.

By the time we got home I was bushed so I just went to bed and read about an hour before going to sleep.

Today has been my pretty much usual Friday. Went to the Naval Hospital in Bremerton to get my meds. Except that I got the one I’m not supposed to take (been replaced) and didn’t get the one that settles out my irregular heartbeat. Joy. So I gotta get all that straightened out.

Spent the rest of the day scanning documents to .pdf and messing around the house. Getting too cold to be outside for long. Supposed to snow next week. Sure.


I’ll believe it when I see snow falling from the sky and sticking to the ground. Doesn’t happen often around here. Is getting cool (cold) out. Saw the wind kick up a couple of times today.

Cleaned out the allowed devices on my router then re-added my phone & tablet. Will have to do SWMBO’s phone & tablets too. (Probably before bedtime tonight!) There were about 12 “unknown” devices listed that I had no idea what/who they were. But I have MAC authorization running so I must have added them sometime. Guess I ought to check out how things are set up more often than every 3 years or so. Changed all the passwords too just in case.

But the network is running great now.

Well, picked SWMBO up at the QFC, got home and started getting her fed, and we sat and watched the latest X-Men movie. It’s late! I’m going to bed.