Holy Crap! Two Nice Days In A Row!

VintageRed05aSo, after getting my morning chores done and mail checked, I went to Peninsula Soil and bought a yard of their mushroom garden mix. First time I bottomed my truck out! Front end of my truck felt awful light driving home! Hell, it was only a ton. What’s up with that?

Got home and me and the Dog took off all our clothes and went for a walk. Then I got to shoveling all that dirt into the planters. A couple of hours later I have 3 and about a half planters filled and ready to plant. (Think I lost about 8 lbs sweating out there.) Phew. I’m getting too old for this shit.

I did this *watering* the new dirt!

Once I was finished shoveling I went ahead and washed the truck. Seemed like the thing to do. Then I came inside and started that steak to cooking (boiling? You know: Onion Soup, Steak, Taters, all in a crock pot and cooked on high for several hours. That).

Took the drone out and flew around a bit. Got some great footage of the roof! Didn’t run into anything. Avoided all the antenna wires. Cool!


Dinner turned out okay; I think we got gyped on that cut of meat. All of it was tough no matter how one cooked it. But the Taters and Veggies were good!

And that’s really about it. Checked into a couple of 2-meter Nets. SWMBO got home safe and is eating the remainder of the meal I made. I really need to shower before laying in our bed tonight!


What A Nice Hot Sunny Day!

Betty05aWe don’t get enough of these around here. Yesterday, it was overcast all day and got comfortable, but not really warm. Which is how most WaRshingtonians like it. Good thing I’m not a WaRshingtonian! Or, unfortunately, I’m not a WaRshingtonian.

Our usual date yesterday was nice. SWMBO took me to the FPH in Port Orchard cause she wanted some foo-foo thing with runny eggs over english muffins with some kind of cheesy stuff poured all over it. I had a chili-burger and fries.

Spent $35 at the Dollar Store across from the FPH. Who’d a thunk you could spend that much in a dollar store? Got a couple of really big glasses (with handles) for days like today. And a bunch of other stuff. What can I say; it was the Dollar Store.


Made our usual stop at Safeway this week (instead of Walmart). We haven’t been buying anything that has to go into the freezer cause our freezer is stuffed; and still managed to spend $100 on food. No wonder I’m fat.

Betty01aToday has been the most usual Sunday around here. Except SWMBO went over to a friends after church to help her with her genealogy. She is a Genealogy Consultant. I spent a butt-ton of time outside (since it’s 90 degrees and sunny) working on my garden area. Put some left over wire fencing over the top so the peas have a place to branch out. Multiple walks around the back of the property. (Dog said NO WAY. Too Hot!)

She’s home now and making steak for dinner. Add fresh corn on the cob, and mac-n-cheese (for some reason) and dinner should be ready in a few. (Was good!)

Not sure if I’m Net-Control for the MCARC Sunday 2-meter Chat Net or not. We’ll find out shortly. Nope, Ric was on. Several check-ins including the Repeater guys who were up working on the thing. It goes into a reset loop occasionally now. SO glad we got a new Repeater. (Oh, wait. We did but it ain’t working yet.)

Went out and practiced with my drone after the Net. Didn’t run into anything but still making hard landings. So had it messes up whatever video I had it taking. Zero’s out the file and it’s no good. ??? I’ll keep playing with it though. And the drone too!

And that’s it. Think I need a rinser before hitting the rack. It was hot today.


Lightning And Thunder And Hard Rain. Oh, My!

And, no, it doesn’t happen very often around here. But, at 0400 this morning I was woken up by heavy thunder. I tend to wake easily with the slightest strange noise in the house, but this was pretty loud. Of course, lightning was occasionally going on; which led to more thunder (of course). Had a period of pretty hard rain too. All in all, the “storm” lasted almost an hour. Was cool!!! Figured I was already up, and the alarm was going to go off at 0515, that I might as well stay up. Woke up again @ 0700. Lazy Turd.
Not a whole lot happened around here yesterday. Nice, Hot, day out until late afternoon. In the space of about 5 minutes it went to cloudy and 10-15 degrees cooler. Made a run to ACE, the bank, Post Office, and the dirt farm (Peninsula Topsoil) up the road. I can have a ton of compost/dirt mix delivered for around $90, OR, I can pick it up myself (using my truck) for $27.50. Guess which I’m gonna go with. Go ahead. Guess. (I’ll wait.)
cise02bToday has been overcast but semi-warm. Just warm enough for the mosquito’s to swarm while I was out mowing the back yard. Got several bites.
And, other than that it’s just been my normal chores around here. Did finally try on all my pants and put those that no longer fit into a pile for the Goodwill (or whoever). I think I’m picking SWMBO up at the QFC tonight; but will have to check to be sure.
Crap! It’s already 1600! Where did the day go?

Made Peanut Butter Cookies. Maybe I’ll let SWMBO have a couple. Maybe.
I did get to go pick her up at the QFC. We’re home and just relaxing. About time to go lay down and read a bit. Guess it’d be too much to hope for another lightning storm tonight!