Hurricane Florence Is Bearing Down!

Was going to post tonight, but, just dont feel like it. It’s 2030 and I’m tired. Haven’t been taking my meds cause they make me feel worse than the high blood pressure. I do take my one med that keeps my heart beating smoothly though. I like my heart beating smoothly.

Might Be Time For A New Road Trip!

Over the past few days I’ve been trying to get the “outside” stuff done before the Winter Wx sets in. Bought 10 more mason stone and put them in place. (Need about 15 more.) Weeded and graded the blue berry patch, put that weed blocker cloth down, and put 5 bags of bark in. That’s done. Looks pretty nice. Only a shitload more things to do that to!

My left knee is hurting so much lately that I seriously don’t know which leg to limp on anymore. My Doctor is going to shit his pants when I start listing the things I need to talk with him about! I need to cut the dosage of my bp meds cause what I’m taking make me feel shitty. Just getting OLD I guess.

Maybe Black's Beach In La Jolla?Sprinkled some today so I gat out and burned trash. Got about half of it done.

My friend took the last of those ICF blocks and has a Gin Pole I can borrow so we’re planning to put up my tower the 22nd. That’ll be good. Won’t have an actual antenna to put on the top of it (for HF) but will have the tri-band VHF/UHF and two camera’s up. Ordered a climbing rig and got half of it in today. Cool!

I’m going to lay down. I’ll finish this tomorrow.

Ok, so it’s Wednesday now. Whoptie Doo. Still tired. Strange Dreams last night. Wx sucks. Suppose I should take the Dog for a walk.

So, two trips to the dump to, well, dump trash. Once for ours and once for the Renters. And, honestly, didn’t really get a lot more done today. Just felt tired.

Even waited too long to start dinner. Having two deep fried Egg, Bacon, Taters, and cheese sauce burrito’s since they were quick and easy. (Easy would have been to just mocrowave them.)

Renter has kicked out her present boyfriend and he’s had enough of her that he’s just leaving. Young People!

NOTICE: Big Anti-Trump ralley on Myrtle Beach, SC Friday morning! Be There!


Sixty-Six And I Just Won My First Cage Fight!

Fucking Canary never knew what hit it!

I don’t really have anything. Found out the other day that I had some Rx’s at the Naval Hospital Pharmacy that I needed to pick up. Timely since I had just run out of the main medication I use. (The one that slows my heart down and allows it to beat. I like that one!) So, made a trip to the pharmacy and got in and out in under an hour and a half. Not bad! Must have been a slow day for them. Plus I got there at 0800.

Not a lot going on around here. SSDD mostly. Wx is up and down. Mater’s still coming in (can’t ear them fast enough). Dog’s still doggin’. SWMBO ate that one gigantic freakin’ beet I grew for her. Didn’t hear her retching so I guess she liked it.

Friend came over and we messed with setting up a packet station in my shack. I’m going to have to get my own Winlink log in and go from there. May dedicate that tri-bander I have to the cause since I really don’t use it much. Matter of fact: I listen to my radio’s WAY more than I talk. Maybe I should just switch to Shortwave.

He also took a bunch of those styrofoam blocks used for making those cement houses that I’ve had laying around these past 11 years or so. (WHY can’t I remember what they’re called!?!?) ICF! That’s it. Insulated Concrete Forms. I hate Senior Moments.

So, I’ve been “doing things” around the house that I’ve been meaning to do. Working on the pantry today. Found 2 cases of home made chili that I did back in 2014. Put them on top of the chili I canned in 2016 so I’d eat them first. Had a jar for dinner and it was okay. Wouldn’t drive across town for it though. (My chili never seems to turn out the same when I make a new batch. One year it’ll be great. Next year it’ll be blah. Go figure!)

And that’s about it. Not feeling very well this evening. Trying to get a headache. Usually means the Wx is changing again. Sux!


I Can Sure Tell The Wx Changed

Since I was sitting here reading the screen and pretty much minding my own business, when, of a sudden, I’m looking through “heat wave” and can’t focus part of my eyes. Yep, Prodrome! On the bright side? If I do get a migrane headache, it’ll be the first in several months. But, still, Fuck.

Yesterday me and the Dog were naked and I had sweat dripping from my earlobes while loading that pile of junk that’s been sitting next to the garage (for 6 years or more!) into the truck to take it to the dump. Made a dump run yesterday with some of the stuff that was there. The dump run today was the rest of it. (All that old ugly flooring I’ve tried to give away for over 8 years now. Gone!)

So, today, the clouds moved in. Lots cooler. (LOTS! Like 20 degrees.) Kinda breezy. And it’s supposed to be that way for the next week! Sux!

So I’m puttering around the house. Thinking of baking some chicken for dinner. May add Brussels Sprouts and mashed taters.

Got the Wii Sports disc yesterday and have been doing the Bowling. Not bad. Doesn’t work to think you can use the same settings each time and get a strike. Seems to be fairly random with the way one uses the controller. Nice! My best game yesterday was 187. I’ll get better. Now if I can only talk my Renter into Nearly Naked Wii Bowling! (SWMBO would kick my ass!) For $20 that Wii hasn’t been a bad investment yet.


So, making chicken something with sugar, soy, cornstarch, pineapple, onion, and butter. Smells good. Figured SWMBO would like it for the pineapple if nothing else. (She doesn’t eat reheated meat. Mostly.)

Wx got sunny and warm so me and the Dog have been for several walks.

Swept the garage. Hooked the battery in the RV to a solar panel and charge controller so I could unplug and put away the long extension cord I had running out to it. Heck, all it was doing was keeping the battery charged, so, why not let the sun do that as much as possible? We’ll see …

Well, the NMARES meeting went well. Lots of discussions and plans. Cool!