The Joys Of Being A Slum Lord


The fridge in the Rental is not keeping things as cold as it ought to. Oh, Joy. So I spent some time on Craig’s List looking for another one. (Fridge. Not Craig’s List. Nevermind.)

There are a plethora of choices reasonably priced. Contacted one in Port Orchard and am waiting on a reply now. Another $75 I don’t need to spend.

I don’t want to spend too much on a new fridge “just in case” SWMBO’s parents decide to move out here. Then, who know’s what type/size fridge they’d want? It’s already gonna cost a butt-ton to redo their bathroom from tub with shower to walk in shower. Not to mention we may have to pull up the (4 year old) flooring and figure out how to really seal the deck.

2017-04-28 14.11.19

I am trying to save as much as I can in case I really do take off for Texas next month. If I spend too much more I won’t be able to go. Catch-22 sort of cause I still need a used camper or small travel trailer to even make the trip.

2017-04-28 14.12.07

Fairly nice outside yesterday and today. Still mostly cloudy but do get occasional Sun. Dog and I been outside as much as possible working on the garden or moving things around. Antenna’s. Making piles of stuff to take to the dump (which I gotta learn how to do someday!). Today I assembled the final (I think) planter cause I need to go get some more dirt for the other 2. Figured I might as well do all of them at once.


Wow. Nice electrical storm raging across Indiana towards Columbus, Ohio.

Anyway, I’m tired and sore from lifting cement blocks half the day and we still get to pick SWMBO up at the QFC tonight. Hooked my wagon up to the rider-mower and that works pretty good. Now I can take it out back and collect rocks from the path. Cool!


Probably Not A *Real* Post Tonight

Cause it’s late and I’m getting a bit tired.

Almost a nice day outside. Sunny but not really warm. Kind of too cool if you got hit by the wind, but not too bad. Did eventually get a couple of sprinkles.

So the Dog and I made several walks and spent as much time outside as we could working on antenna’s. Well, I worked on antenna’s. He nosed around and chased butterflies.


I was given the old antenna when the Club replaced it. It’s just kind of hung on my fence for a couple of years. Took a look at it today and the only thing I can find wrong with it is the connector is corroded. So I took it apart and cleaned it up. Need about 100 feet of coax, and, if it works, I’ll probably put it up on the new tower (when I get that up).


I Love Learning Things!

Came up with a follow-up to my big hit “She Tried To Leave But I Have A Digger” that I’m gonna call “Maybe I should Have Planted Her In The Garden Out Back.” Hope it does as well.


Overcast all day, but I felt only a couple of rain drops while the Dog and I were out walking. Good! Finally put new laces in my tennis shoes (to replace those the Dog chewed out one night) and we walked the back 40 for the first time in a week or more. Probably more. He saw a big bird he really wanted; but the bird wasn’t having anything to do with it.

Playing with “YouTube Embed,” a plugin for Wordpress to show YouTube video’s (obviously). Locally it works great. Would work great on my self-hosted Wordpress site (here). Wouldn’t work on my backup blog at wordpress.com (cause they don’t let you install plug-ins) or Blogger (cause it’s, Blogger). Sure would be a lot easier to use than all that code I have to manually add to posts though. I may install it anyway.

Plugged my backup Movie Drive into the Raspberry Pi that’s hooked to the 4th monitor in my room (I usually use it with the laptop for “radio stuff”) and it’s been playing a STTOS marathon since last Saturday (except I pause it when I hit the rack). Just now getting into Season 3. Damn. Use it as background noise during the day (I am alone here, but for the Dog, all day).

Well, it did finally start really raining again. Crap!


SWMBO got home just about the same time as the MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Rag Chew so I was a bit late checking in. Would rather talk to her anyday! I could hear everyone if I used that multi-band fan dipole I built 5 or 6 years ago; but it won’t tune for transmitting. Gonna have to check that out.

And that is it again. Still raining out there.