Rained Like Crazy For Awhile Today!

NC-002jRained so hard I could hear it while in my bathroom. Which is damned near in the middle of the house. Twelve foot ceilings. Walls. Luckily it lasted only a few minutes. Looked outside and I sure wouldn’t have wanted to be outside at that moment.

But, the Dog and I did manage one walk before it started raining fairly steady and one kind of between the raindrops this afternoon. He’s amazed that I can find so many sticks to throw for him to get! Absolutely astounded.

Other than that: Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Got my usual chores done. Something was really smelling in the trash so I took it out. Time to make a dump run.

And that’s it. Short post today. Just didn’t really do anything except play on the computer. Broke Linux Mint and fixed it. (Video/Monitor problem after sudden reboot.)


Well, That Was Kind Of Different

Decided to get out of the damned house for awhile today; so I went to the Galaxy Theater in Gig Harbor (the best theater in this area!) and saw “Logan.” I liked it; and I didn’t.

Did NOT like the way both Charles & Logan have fallen apart over the years. Did NOT like (spoiler alert!) Charles being murdered. Didn’t like Logan dieing (Stayed until the very end cause I just knew they were going to show the rocks he’s buried under move. Didn’t happen.) Ah, but everyone gets old, I guess. But I don’t have to like it.

NC-002mBut, did enjoy the movie. “Laura” was kick-ass! (And the opening bit by Deadpool was hilarious!) Really, everything was pretty good and what one would expect.

Two other things I did at the movie today that I haven’t done in years. 1) Got a bag of popcorn and a “medium” soda. $14! That’s right: Fourteen Freakin’ Dollars for a damned bag of popcorn and medium soda! That’ll never happen again. Even in the highest heat of summer I’ll be wearing something with pockets when I go to a move from now on. $14 for popcorn and a soda.

and 2) Went by myself. Which sucked but I really wanted to get out of the house. I haven’t been to a movie without my Schweetie in so long I can’t remember the last time. Felt Strange. Just not as much fun. Everything is better with her along. (Except taking a dump. Or peeing. SBS: Shy Bladder Syndrome.)

And now I’m back home and things are fairly back to the usual. Dog was happy to see me and even happier to go for a walk. Made myself a couple of burrito’s for dinner. For some reason (probably age) I feel really tired and somewhat dizzy so I’m trying to take it easy for a bit. Not too easy though; I don’t want to be one of those old guys that lays down to take a nap and never wakes up. Really don’t.


SWMBO has her class meeting tonight so she won’t be home until late. I think I have just enough time left in the day to take the Dog for another walk. (Sometimes having a boisterous puppy can be trying for an old guy.) Should be a Net tonight too.

Nope. That was last night. Missed it because I went to the NMARES meeting at the Library. It was okay. I paid my dues for the next 4 years.


Holy Crap I Was Depressed Yesterday!

Spent half the day thinking: All my learning. All my skills. All my education and experiences, every life I saved, every heart I broke, everything that I have ever had, ever done, or ever thought to do, has led me to being this: An Old Guy that putters around the house all day. Fuck.


I think I was just tired of Winter & Rain and not being able to get outside much. Not that I really do a whole lot out there either; but at least I’m outside. Another place I’d rather be thanks to the Marines.

But, I got over it (mostly) and back on track and routine. Took the Dog for walks when I could. Today was fairly nice until a little bit ago. Rained really hard for about 10 minutes then went back to sprinkles. Dog and I did manage to take three walks throughout the day though.


Not a whole lot going on. SWMBO lost her wallet on the bus in Seattle on her way home yesterday. I paid Hell getting her to call our bank and cancel her card(s). She texted me a little while ago that she got it back and nothing was missing from it. New card still on the way though so she’ll need cash for the next few days.

NC-002llAll the usual chores done. Took a piece of chicken and covered it in BBQ sauce, wrapped it in tin foil, and baked it at 250 degrees for about 5 hours. Tasted great and it was so tender I had to scoop it off my plate! Added some rice mix stuff we had and Brussels Sprouts. Good stuff.

Got my “The Universe” Seasons 1-5 Blu Ray Discs in and have been converting them to .mkv files for the NAS. I really like that show. I pretty much like anything that explains/shows Space or Astronomy “stuff.” I wish we’d managed to open a colony on the Moon by now. I’d have volunteered!

MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Rag Chew went well. Everybody heard me (which is the important part) and I heard most everyone else. Cool!

Think I’ll go lay down and read a bit.